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Golden Light Dice

Candle : Light Domain

Candle : Light Domain

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Guided by the radiant vision of their gods, Clerics belonging to the domain of light operate with a clarity and certainty unmatched in many other domains. Moving forward dauntless they are resolute in burning away deception and darkness.

Blanc Citrine and Matcha Verde give this scent a light and focused scent that feels like something a dutiful cleric would burn during a ritual.

All candles are made with 100% SOY wax and wooden wicks to give the cleanest and best burn time available to us.

We approach the selection of scents thoughtfully here at Golden Light Dice; all scents are selected for use only if they are: unique and different from things we have smelled before, and if they do not induce a headache in either member of our creative team. Once it passes both tests (it really takes a special oil), then it's time to make the candle and find a fitting subclass.


Candles are available in two sizes!
Small : 1.5oz ~ 15hrs burn time
Large : 6.5oz ~ 40hrs burn time



*Soy wax is vegan, toxin-free, sustainably-made, recyclable, phthalate-free, mutagen-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free, carcinogen-free, biodegradable, and only made with FDA approved waxes

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