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Single D20's

Need just a single die to expand your hoard? Check out our standard and chonk d20's here!

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A large and small black candle tin sit at opposite corners of the picture. Their label reads Fae Wanderer which is said to smell like mischief and wanderlust. It has notes of rasberry and roses. Decorateting the scene around the candles are scattered yellow pink edged roses and several ripe raspberries. A background of green foliage over a decorative white wall serves as the base.


Shop from our selection of wood wick, soy candles. Each scent is carefully selected to give you a delightful experience even if you are a more scent sensitive person like the creators.

Pick your favorite subclass or whatever scent suits your vibe.

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6D6 Pip Sets

A full set of standard D6's. A must have for any rogue or spellcaster preparing to do big damage.

Pips are also a great replacement for any classic board games with the boring white plastic dice.

Have fun with it! Check out our Pip selection today!

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What is your return & exchange policy?

Since this is a small handmade shop, we are not able to accept returns or refunds for shipped items.

Package insurance will be available for purchase through "name here" before checkout. Please purchase insurance if you are concerned about your packages safe arrival.

Can I pre-order / reserve a set?

Our sets are sold on a first come first serve basis, with limited inventory. If you are eager to get a set please review our "Best Sales Practices" in order to increase your chances.

Where did you get your molds / masters?

We work with Beldolor Studios to model our dice before having them sent to Shapeways to be milled. Once masters have arrived we cast our own silicone molds.

What are the dice made of?

Our dice are made from epoxy resin with inserts ranging from ink and mica powders, to florals and resin cast minis.

Are the dice balanced?

Handmade dice go through such an intensive creation process that they are equally or more balanced than standard factory made dice. The only truly balanced dice are casino dice.