Meet Our Team

The artist

Zen (Alex)

After being introduced to Dungeons & Dragons by life-long best friend Soephie, it was a headfirst dive for Zen into creating dice.
Since starting in 2019, they have created over 200 different dice set designs and the list only continues to grow!
Their current favorite medium to work with is florals. For that reason, Golden Light Dice has centered our business around those designs.
For Zen, it will always be important to produce and share the best quality products that they can.

The Bard


As Golden Light Dice continued to grow and expand, juggling all of the plates of business became too much for one individual to handle. In came Soephie--after all who better to help juggle than a clown?
Soephie now manages most communications with other businesses and customers. In addition, she works to try and improve the stability and functionality of the business in the day to day.

Our Convention Presence

Sharing our Value and Displays



Cultivated Aesthetic

The quality and style of Golden Light Dice has always been a top priority for Zen. They understand that a cohesive motif goes a long way towards defining and sharing a brand's ideals. With our aesthetic, we hope to encourage and elevate our customer's connections to the fantasy of their own stories.



Quality Products

Zen has always valued hard work and attention to detail. Now in running their own buisness they are determined to always hold on to those values. The dice we produce and share are always done so at the highest quality we can manage. If a piece falls short of expectations, it is not included in our available pieces and is instead repurposed or recycled in some other way when possible. In upholding this value we give customers an opportunity to truly treasure the pieces that they obtain from us.



Customer Engagement

Whether on the con floor or in the digital space, Soephie wants to make sure that every customer feels connected and appreciated. As a small business every single customer matters significantly and Soephie finds joy in learning about and connecting with every person who comes to engage with the company in some way.

Booth Displays

An example of our con booth setups for different floor space.

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