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Orders placed after the 15th of the month will ship at the end of the month with sale orders

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Why is everything showing as out of stock?

Items will show as out of stock until I update the quantities at the time of sale

How much do your dice cost?

Pricing varies per set depending on material costs and quality level, but current pricing averages around $85-$135 for a full sized 8-piece set, and $25-$55 for a single D20.  B-grade sets are slightly discounted, depending on the severity of the flaws.

How much is shipping?

I ship via USPS First-Class Mail. I do ship internationally. Here are my current rates:

  • United States: $5
  • Canada and Mexico: $15
  • International: $20

What is your return & exchange policy?

Since this is a small handmade shop, I am not able to accept returns or refunds. If your package arrives damaged, or is lost, please do reach out to me with any of my contact options and we can determine the best course of action.

Where did you get your molds/ Who made your masters?

I make all my own molds!

I was very lucky to get my amazing masters from the talented AJ at Arcana Cast! He is awesome to work with and I highly recommend him!

If you would like to check out his amazing work, check out his IG:

Can I pre-order / reserve a set?

Our sets are sold on a first come, first serve basis. You can, however, purchase a commission slot when we open them and order the same set you wanted to pre-order/reserve!

What are they made off?

Dice are made of epoxy resin. Some dice contain mica powder, glitter, alcohol ink, imitation of gold/silver/copper leaves and acrylic paints. They can also contain dried flowers or other inclusions

What about balance?

Handmade dice will NEVER be completely perfectly balanced, but neither are mass-produced dice? They are perfect for your favorite home game tabletop RPG. If you need some 100% balanced dice than you are not in the right place.